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Microdosing + Skin Therapy
+ Healing Suppliments

Remedies with Traditional Shamanic Plants

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For centuries cultures from all corners of this beautiful Mother Earth have been using plants and minerals that are found in nature in so many magical ways. Whether it be for medicinal ailments to spiritual enlightenment or anything in between. 

If you are interested in learning more about any of the products or are ready to take the journey on the path to a better you, don't hesitate to send us a message! 


Magic Mushrooms

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Magic Mushrooms have hallucinogenic properties that naturally contain two psychoactive alkaloids: psilocybin (4-phosphoryloxy-N, N-dimethyltryptamine) and psilocin (4-hydroxy-N, N-dimethyltryptamine). These chemical compounds are present in various species of fungi, such as those of the genus Psilocybe, Panaeolus, and Copelandia, Microdosing research is in its infancy. In fact, to date, there are still no rigorous, randomized, placebo-controlled scientific studies. The information available comes from surveys and self-report analyses of thousands of microdosers around the world. Some online forums on microdosing have more than 40,000 subscribers. These user reports indicate that mushroom microdoses may help increase creativity, reduce migraines and cluster headaches, relieve mild depression, anxiety, and pain, and improve attention span. This practice can improve flexibility, cognition, and the ability to solve problems. According to the study authors, psilocybin microdoses could be investigated in the future to help people who suffer from rigid patterns of thinking or behavior, such as those with depression or Obsessive- Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

Blue Lotus 

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The blue lotus, also known as the blue water lily, was very popular in ancient Egypt. It was considered very important in Egyptian mythology since they opened with light and closed with darkness. The East linked it to the sun, like a daily rebirth. The lotus, because it springs up in stagnant waters,
by its shape (similar to an egg) and colors that simulate the sky, it was identified as the original container of the sun god Atum that had emerged from the ocean. 

Aphrodisiac  Properties 

Many people use the blue lotus as a kind of aphrodisiac, although clinical
analysis modernists have not confirmed its usefulness in this regard. Early
research indicates that the plant alkaloid Nuciferin may help improve sexual performance. 

Helps Sleep

The blue lotus has also long been used to aid in sound sleep. Specifically, those who use it say that it provides a feeling of relaxation that helps them rest better at night.
Relax Muscles And Relieves Discomfort
Two of the main compounds in blue lotus, the alkaloids apomorphine and nuciferine, promote muscle control. 

Lucid Dreaming

The blue lotus is one of those plants that enhance lucid dreams. If you have a tea made with their flowers or with about 5 to 7 drops of its tincture before going to bed, it helps you promote these types of dreams.



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Where Ayahuasca teaches us how to die, Washuma teaches us how to live and love. Washuma connects us deeply with our own hearts, as well as with the earth. When we commit to Journey with this Sacred Teacher, we soften the shells around our hearts that have toughened through the traumas and dramas of life. Washuma is a cactus that lives in the Andes of South America and Guatemala. Washuma in microdoses allows healing and leveling of all the body through dreams during rest. Microdosing allows a subtle, personal therapy that does not interfere with daily activities. It's highly recommended in cases of depression, anxiety, and irritability, thus, it is proven for joint pains, migraines, and fatigue. Washuma gives you a lot of peace because it raises your endorphins, a feeling of joy, and happiness. In conjunction with the doses, it's recommended to eat a healthy diet during these days. You should try to avoid eating red meat, dairy products, cheese, ham, white flour, sugar, salt, jams, and butter, for better absorption of the plant.

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Raspberry Leaves

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Continuing with popular wisdom, we have to consume raspberry leaves
to tone the uterus and improve women's health naturally. This theory dates back to the sixteenth century. In the past, raspberry leaves were said to be good for regulating a woman's menstrual cycle and maintaining the health of the female reproductive system. This is why many women were encouraged to consume both the fruit and the infusion of the leaves of the plant to take care of themselves and keep the typical discomfort of menstruation and everything related to feminine energy in the brain at bay. Red raspberry leaves are rich in vitamins and minerals. They provide B vitamins, vitamin C and a number of minerals, including potassium, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, and iron. However, their most notable contribution might be their antioxidant properties. Red raspberry leaves contain polyphenols like tannins and flavonoids, which act as antioxidants in your body and help protect cells from damage. In addition, the leaves contain small amounts of ellagic acids, which have been shown to neutralize carcinogens and aid in the self-destruction of cancer cells. 

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Passiflora incarnata, commonly known as maypop, purple passionflower, true passionflower, wild apricot, and wild passion vine, is a fast-growing perennial vine with climbing or trailing stems. (Wikipedia) Passionflower is an excellent natural remedy to combat insomnia, its sedative effects were already appreciated by the Incas and Aztecs. In addition, it relieves muscle fatigue, migraine, and mild anxiety states. When the Spanish explorers arrived in Peru, in 1569 they found an exotic plant, strange in its forms, with a kind of cross on its central disk and attributed the symbolism of the passion of Christ which made them think that God approved their invasion and that it would provide them with protection in their erratic search for El Dorado. Since then this liana is known by the name of passionflower in English. 

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Syrian Rue

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The scientific name is Peganum Harmala. It's a perennial shrub native to the Mediterranean and various regions of Asia. It can now also be found in the wild on the American continent. Part of the Nitrariaceaes plant family, Syrian Rue can grow up to 1 mt tall, but in nature, it rarely exceeds 0.3m in height. It has narrow leaves of about 5 cm long and develops many white flowers. The seeds of the Syrian rue are very interesting since they contain the alkaloids harmala: harmaline is used to enhance other plants' properties. These alkaloids are of interest for their use in Amazonian shamanism, where they are derived from other plants. 

Some of its properties are abortive, an aphrodisiac, hallucinogenic, digestive, diuretic, emmenagogue (promotes menstruation), stimulant, galactagogue (increases the production of breast milk), narcotic, parasiticide, vermifuge (eliminates intestinal worms), Mao Inhibitor and Harmala Alkaloids, anti-depressive. 

* Absolutely prohibited for those who are pregnant and/or hypertensive.

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Astragalus - Extended  Youth

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Astragalus is a plant from northern China that is harvested after four to seven years. What makes it wonderful is its root because it activates the very vital telomerase. The plant has an enzyme that protects, repairs, and lengthens the length of short telomeres, but also prevents long telomeres from being shortened, delaying cellular aging. It's one of the most impressive discoveries of recent years and it will serve not so much to extend life, which is the least of it but to improve its quality. Scientific studies have put on the table a possibility that until recently seemed like a utopia, living the third age with perfect eyesight, sexual vigor, and smooth skin. In short, emulating the words of Manuel Serrano, from the National Cancer Research Center, "we are not programmed to age." He says that in our bodies throughout his life there are changes in patterns. He says that children lose their teeth, adolescents grow hair, that is, they are changes that have a biological function. However, he maintains that grey hair and wrinkles are not programmed, they are useless, they occur because there was something in the system that was working and it has stopped working.

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Kalanchoe - Miracle Plant

The Kalanchoe plant, of African origin, has many properties. It's a genus of crassulaceous plants of approximately 125 species. It's made up of a large family of plants that are often used as home or office decoration since it requires little care and it is easy for it to survive in any environment. According to specialists in medicinal plants, it has healing properties, especially as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Kalanchoe is a medicinal plant largely used in folk medicine for the treatment of kidney stones, gastric ulcers, pulmonary infection, anxiety, insomnia, depression, and rheumatoid arthritis. The notable pharmacological properties include anti-diabetic, anti-neoplastic, antioxidant, immunomodulation, anti-lipidaemic, anti-allergic, and many more activities which are yet to be explored. 

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ORMUS - Monoatomic Gold - Supplement

Healing Supplements
Manoatomic Gold piece.jpg


It is a compound that contains all the minerals and metals that are concentrated in seawater, in a peculiar state of matter, basically, it is a set of easily obtained elements that have exceptional vitalizing, regenerative, and healing properties. The composition of the elements of the Ormus varies in an approximate 36 elements, and according to the studies that it has had, it varies according to the water used, in approximate proportions of 30% to 70% of Magnesium and more elements such as Cobalt, Nickel, Copper, Ruthenium, Rhodium, Palladium, Silver, Osmium, Iridium, Platinum, Gold in smaller proportions.

In treatises on alchemy and natural medicine, it is stated that some elements can acquire a state in which they have non-metallic properties. Cobalt, nickel, copper, ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, silver, osmium, iridium, platinum, gold, mercury, and possibly also indium exist in this alternate state. This was observed by ancient cultures. Ormus has been associated with many ancient stories and substances that have magical properties.


-Enhances brain function and contributes to physiological stability through cell regeneration.

-Harmonizes the cerebral hemispheres, helping us to think with the whole brain. Increases creativity and concentration.

-In women, it helps mitigate the effects of menstruation such as menstrual cramps, premenstrual syndrome, flow levels, etc.

-Aligns the cellular structure with higher vibrations. Induces deeper meditations.

-Indicated for heart disease, blood circulation, arteriosclerosis, and hypertension. It also acts on the hepatic and biliary system, the immune system, and skeletal muscle.

Skin Care

Organic Skin Care

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Image by Krzysztof  Niewolny

Snail and Ginseng Mask

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Main Ingredients: Filtered secretion of snail slime. Niacinamide Red Gingseng Root, Lavender, Chamomile, Water Swiftleft, Nest Extract


Skin Type: All skin types

Directions: Apply an appropriate amount of product to the face and spread evenly. Helps its absorption with gentle patting. Recommendation: For mature skin and with signs of age, dry skin, and wrinkles.

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Hyaluronic Acid with Gold

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Gold has been known since ancient times to give skin a beautifully healthy, radiant appearance. The unique combination of Hyaluronic Acid and pure gold particles is the ultimate solution for skin that is more elastic, smooth, hydrated, and beautifully luminous.

Ingredients: Chia seed oil, hyaluronic acid, marine collagen, vitamin E, essential oil of orange and 24k gold flakes.

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Image by Jernej Graj

Magic Cream

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A blend of royal jelly and beeswax are the active components of this multipurpose cream. It nurtures and deeply hydrates any surface of the human body.

You can use it on the nails, skin, hair, and lips.

The Magic Cream works fabulously on the skin overnight as a night mask on the face or lips

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Vitamin C Serum

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Vitamin C serum is a skincare product that contains L-ascorbic acid, and magnesium ascorbyl phosphate. Effective vitamin C products contain between an 8 and 20 percent concentration of vitamin C. They may also contain tyrosine, zinc, and vitamin E. 

The most notable benefits are hydration, brightening, reduces redness, reduces hyperpigmentation, reduces the appearance of under-eye circles, promotes collagen production, may help prevent sagging, may protect against sun damage, may soothe sunburns, and may help wound healing.

Image by davisuko
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Image by michael podger

Organic Repellent

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This secret formula was revealed to me by a native of the town of Bacalar, Mexico. The little old lady didn't speak Spanish, but when she opened a bottle and applied a small amount of clove-scented liquid, it blew me away. She spread it on my skin where I had been devoured by mosquitoes and I immediately felt great relief. By the end of the day, I noticed that the mosquitoes had not approached me at all. Later I went to see the old woman and as I began to communicate with signs, her poor Spanish, and my 3 words in Mayan, I was able to talk with her about the Magic liquid. Grateful for this experience, now I never use repellents with chemicals that are harmful to the environment and my skin.

Therapeutic Paraphernalia

Therapeutic Paraphernalia

Herbal Eye

The hand-made eye pads are bags made of seeds and fragrant herbs. These face pads that are made in a kidney shape are designed to cover the eyes and frontal lobe comfortably. The weight of the seeds and the fragrance of the herbs inside the bag help to relax the eyelids and the face, helping to eliminate stress leaving as a result a rested, fresh face.

Heat and face packs

Herbal Heat

Herbal Heat Compresses aka “belly bags” are filled with seeds for those painful days of the month that can. They can be heated in the microwave to relax the pain in the pelvis. They’re also perfect to relax and warm tight muscles and tendonitis in the neck, back, joints, etc.

The shape of the pillow will adjust to the part of the body in need of a warm touch. It can also be used in places with cold weather to warm the bed, for cold feet, etc.

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Sage Smudgers

Sage Smudgers

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Salvia comes from the Latin, salvere, which means 'save' or 'heal'. In the ancient tied form, it’s presented dry so that it can be burnt. The fragrance that the smoke gives off is pleasant and intense, and it’s commonly used in aromatherapy due to its ability to increase the amount of oxygen received by the brain.

The use of sage as a spiritual tool and its use as incense has been around for thousands of years. Native Americans considered it the fundamental essence to get rid of unwanted energies, ask for the blessing of the spirits, attract abundance, fertility, protection, and more.

Just as we inherited it from our ancestors, we burn sage to communicate or connect with this spiritual plane of nature. By adding an intention to this action we ask the spirit of sage, the spirit of nature, to protect and cleanse us to get closer to this intention.

A white sage incense helps us to purify spaces, as well as clean objects such as quartz or oracles, and cleanse and protect ourselves.

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