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purification & harmony of the body & soul


Temazcal is the ancient tradition of Mesoamerica (Between Mexico and all of Central America) that welcomes all the people of the Earth to come back to nature and to our inner being made of Peace, Truth, and Respect for each other. The practice of Temazcal is also a work we do in our bodies since the temperature is like a sauna and we will be in the darkness in a humid and comfortable place like we were in our Mother's body. 

Temazcal 3 Reyes 7.jpg

The ceremony starts before entering the Temazcal, when we will offer three cacao seeds that symbolize our True Intention to the Fire, our Grandfather.  We will have some instruments such as drums, whistles, and shells to greet the 7 Cosmic Directions of the Mesoamerican Cosmovision. 


After that, we will be ready to enter the Temazcal and sit around a hole filled with hot volcanic stones to be set. These are known as the Abuelitas (the Grandmothers). 

The Stars

The ceremony will be divided into 4 phases. Every phase is connected to a cardinal point and an element. Between one phase and the other, you will have the chance to go to the toilet if needed, the door will stay open and we will have a pause from the heat, however, remember to keep reverence and concentration on the ceremony. During the ceremony, Octavio will be guiding prayers and chants, and you all will have the opportunity to share from your heart a thought, a chant, or a moment of holy silence. 

The Stars
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During the ceremony, we will be guiding you into an inner experience, where you will put your energy to create your own colors, and that's where your intention will be important, so remember always to breathe and participate in the chants, even if you don't know the exact words, let it go and give you the opportunity to be reborn in this beautiful space. Temazcal is a form of medicine and is very good for your body. This stone Temazcal is very fresh on the floor, so you will be able to lay down if you want to relax at any time. 

The Stars
Temazcal Tres Reyes

Temazcal means "The sweat house" in Náhuatl Language and is a very ancient tradition from the people of the whole of Mesoamerica. They have practiced it in Chichén Itzá, Mayapán, and other Mayan ancient cities but it is a special tradition from the Nahua people from the center of Mexico. The Nahuas are the descendants of the Mexica or Aztecs, and they do it very often to keep in good health and it's a special ceremony also related to birth.

Photos taken at Wakan Chan Cultural Center in Tres Reyes, Yucatan. 

Shaman - Ocha Yah Wakanchan

Yādu is all about making connections with Mother Earth, our spiritual selves, and making connections with others that share the same yearning for leveling up. 

We have 3 options for a Temazcal Ceremony in the Riviera Maya area. Each one is unique and we are here to help connect you with the right one. Contact us to arrange a ceremony. 

Tres Reyes


  • Temazcal ceremony

  • Professional guide

  • Traditional food

  • Cenote Exploration

* Minimum 4 people

* Available as a private session only. You won't be with people you don't know.


Connect with us if you have any questions or to organize this experience. 


Info coming Soon!

Dos Palmas


  • Tortilla Workshop

  • Temazcal Ceremony

  • Cenote Swim

  • Regional Mayan Food

* Can be a private or shared group depending on dates and times, or your preference. Near Dos Ojos cenote.

Connect with us if you have any questions or to organize this experience.

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