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Uncover the magic that lives within YOU! 


I use my superpowers of inspiration, truth-seeking, connecting, and observing energy to alchemically support others in increasing their joy meter, live lives they love, and deepening their self-love & acceptance.

The cliché “the only thing that's constant is change” is a cliché for a reason, yet most of us don’t give ourselves permission to become a-new. I’m gifted with the extraordinary opportunity of supporting the magical process of transformation and creation for those who choose to courageously embark on the journey. As my clients peel back the proverbial layers of the “not-self”, they become aware of conditioning that continues to get in the way of their Becoming.

This ascension process is often not comfortable, especially if they have had severe trauma and/or have come to this life for a grand mission. Therefore, it's normal to experience physical and emotional pain, sorrow, and loss during the re-conditioning. Joy, freedom, and deep love are also available the more they cultivate the ability to trust, forgive and offer compassion for this and many lifetimes. More and more, they remember who they really are, allowing the glorious wisdom and brilliance inside them to confidently emerge. 

Image by Alexander Sinn

Yādu means "magic" in Bengali that comes from Ancient Sanskrit

Yādu Magic Products is constantly researching the wonders of Mother Nature to create products and supplements that heal, restore and harmonize our bodies. 


We partner with amazing people who dedicate their time to developing formulas that make your body take back the journey to a healthy life in harmony. 


Thanks to their ancient Knowledge, the many health remedies discovered by various indigenous peoples and tribes from all corners of our beautiful Mother Earth unfortunately have been forgotten in this modern reality. The industry is taking a path that goes away from the magic of mother nature and we are dedicated to returning to the truth and authentic healing. 

 Not only does Yādu offer microdosing medicines, therapy, and guidance but we create 100% organic products such as toothpaste, bug repellant, face creams, healing supplements, and therapeutic paraphernalia. Check out our products and let us know how we can help you! 


Ancestral Shamanic Ceremonies & Cleansings

Live the experience of a ceremony of spiritual transformation with Entheogenic Medicines. It is an experience that will completely change the way you appreciate life. In these days of "The Age of Enlightenment," it has become almost an obligation to find oneself and achieve enlightenment. Life is based on the accumulation of choices we make in this life and I would like to make it clear that God isn’t found in the smoke of Shamanic Medicine or in a dose of Ayahuasca. This is just a tool that will help you see how incredible and extraordinary you are. It will also show you bluntly what you need to reach your full potential, but that is YOU, medicine only removes the veils that social consciousness has dropped on the Being of Infinite Light that is YOU!


Consciousness and Energy create the Nature of Reality and following this premise, the fact that an energetic cleaning is given to your aura or your home removing negative energy makes a positive impact on your life and if you make it a habit you will start to notice really fabulous changes. 




Image by Su San Lee

Temazcal - purification & harmony of the body & soul.

Temazcal means "The sweat house" in Náhuatl Language and is a very ancient tradition from the people of the whole of Mesoamerica. They have practiced it in Chichén Itzá, Mayapán, and other Mayan ancient cities but it is a special tradition from the Nahua people from the center of Mexico. The Nahuas are the descendants of the Mexica or Aztecs, and they do it very often to keep in good health and it's a special ceremony also related to birth.

Temazcal is the ancient tradition of Mesoamerica (Between Mexico and all of Central America) that welcomes all the people of the Earth to come back to nature and to our inner being made of Peace, Truth, and Respect for each other. The practice of Temazcal is also a work we do in our bodies since the temperature is like a sauna and we will be in the darkness in a humid and comfortable place like we were in our Mother's body. 

Yādu is all about making connections with Mother Earth, our spiritual selves, and making connections with others that share the same yearning for leveling up. 

We have 3 options for a Temazcal Ceremony in the Riviera Maya area. Each one is unique and we are here to help connect you with the right one. Contact us to arrange a ceremony.


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